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New way of detecting mold

To maintain clean production sites, hundreds of agar plates with samples from the site are inspected daily for bacterial growth by biologists. With our product, sample inspection and scanning would be fully automated. Samples would be placed under a digital microscope, scanned, and analyzed by an AI program, providing results within minutes. Mold presence results would be accessible on a user-friendly web platform.



Explore the capabilities of technology that automatically detects mold


Simple and fast process

With the help of computer vision, the process of annotating and counting mold colonies is now 10 times quicker. This technology not only provides fast results within a few minutes but also significantly reduces the time spent on analyzing samples by actual experts. Additionally, it has a lower error rate compared to when done by specialist.


AI driven algorithms

Our system uses computer-vision algorithms to detect mold colonies through capturing pictures and scanning samples with a digital microscope. With a dataset of thousands of microscopic images, we can detect various types of mold and provide automated counting and annotation of mold colonies.


Foolproof setup

A customized configuration has been developed to guarantee the functionality of the system under any circumstances, including a high-quality digital microscope, a covered enclosure, stable lighting conditions, and a platform for placing multiple samples under the microscope.


No need for expert knowledge

Automated mold sample detection and annotation eliminates the need for manual counting of mold colonies, removes the requirement for expert knowledge in detection, and eliminates manual bias and human error.


See for yourself!

Discover how Bioptic can accelerate your workflow by automating detection, counting, and labeling tasks 10 times faster through advanced computer vision models!

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