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Instant Review of documents

Instant Review is an AI-powered tool that swiftly reviews paper records such as batch records, calibration certificates, and cleaning logs. The tool scans the documents using a scanner or tablet and provides immediate feedback based on your review rules. The dashboard also offers historical data to aid in proactive planning. By reducing document lead time and deviations, Instant Review enhances the document review process and boosts employee satisfaction.

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Instant document review

Experience a rapid turnaround in document reviews with Instant Review. Our AI technology, powered by computer vision, automatically scans your documents to spot errors and discrepancies based on your review rules. Review a batch document in minutes.


Scan your documents with a tablet or scanner


Get the analysis of your document based on your review rules within minutes


Update the document according to the review before sending it for approval

Scanned documents

With Instant Review you can access your scanned documents through an overview page that displays a notification count per collection. Additionally, you can filter and search through your documents for easy access.

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Implementation plan

Kuatro's implementation process is designed to minimize the use of your internal resources. We start by analyzing your current process to gain a better understanding of your workflow. Then, we work together to design a new process that is optimized efficiency and productivity, with the help of Instant Review.

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See for yourself!

Discover how Instant Review can empower you to automate error detection with greater accuracy using computer vision models!

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